вторник, 3 мая 2016 г.

More new polling suggests Stop Trump is losing steam

The Fix

There are two things that Donald Trump's opponents need to do to keep him from getting the Republican presidential nomination. The first is that they need to block him from getting 1,237 pledged delegates by the time voting wraps up in early June. The second is that they need to get people used to the idea that a guy could walk into the convention with the most delegates and the most votes and walk out a very angry non-politician real estate magnate.
Both of those efforts are going badly.
A new poll from CNN makes clear the challenge Trump opponents face on that second point. Ninety-one percent of Republicans think that Trump will be the nominee, and more people say they would be dissatisfied or upset with Ted Cruz or John Kasich winning the nomination than say the same about Trump.

What's more, Trump is the preferred second choice of 43 percent of those currently backing Cruz or Kasich. So people think he'll win, more people will be more frustrated if he doesn't than if he does, and he has got a broader base of support.
That's important only if it goes to the convention. For that to happen, Trump needs to perform poorly in California, in addition to underperforming elsewhere. We noted Sunday that a new poll from Indiana suggests that Trump will do well there, the second-largest state left on the calendar.
A new survey in California reinforces the recent trend in that state: Trump is performing very, very well.
  SurveyUSA polled the state and found that Trump has a wide lead, up 34 points on Cruz, who's in second.

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